The best video conferencing experience. For everyone.

Residence Connect


Meet Residence Connect By Spacestor.

The hybrid workplace is here to stay. Your colleagues won’t always be sitting next to you and so the number of video calls is rapidly increasing. However most workspaces are simply not designed for making lots of video calls. Auditory and visual distractions are common complaints for users both ends of the call and poor lighting, sound and air ventilation, often means staff are not presenting at their best. Placing a screen in a quiet pod is adequate for some scenarios, but for back to back video calls, common now in many roles, running these in a pod originally designed for a quick phonecall can quickly lead to worker fatigue.

Enter Residence Connect, the only video pod designed from the ground up with every detail created to optimise the sustained video call experience, for all staff. This product is the result of 2 years development with one of the world’s leading global tech companies: the audio and visual privacy, controllable light levels and ventilation, height-adjustable working position and working space all tested and honed to provide optimum user experience in a video booth. In addition, careful consideration has been given to service routing, maintenance and M&E needs with patented airflow technology, integrated service voids and removable access panels to ensure easy installation, relocation and ongoing maintenance. Employee protection and sustainability is catered for with all materials used being LBC Red List Compliant, no added formaldehyde and patented PVC-free acoustic seals.

So there you have it. The Best Ever Video Conference Experience. For Everyone. Try it and see, we believe you won’t find another pod that gives a better experience.

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