Private and spacial at the same time

Vepa Patchwork


The solution for the Hybrid Office

For the current hybrid office work, Patchwork offers the possibility to withdraw for a video call, to consult in peace or to work concentrated. This naturally also includes a pantry for a cup of coffee or tea. You decide to what extent you close yourself by adding additional walls or roofs.


Ideal for a somewhat larger space, such as a reception room or auditorium. The possibilities are endless and to make it a bit clearer, below are five different configurations that can be placed separately – or together – in any environment.

Train Seat

The train seating configuration is suitable if you want to consult with someone briefly or if you have to wait a while. It is also suitable for checking your e-mail or drinking a cup of coffee. You can place the train seat as a separate configuration in the room or against the wall, but it is of course also easy to combine with other units.

Concentration Spot

The concentration workplace is also one of the standard configurations of Patchwork. With the concentration workplace you create your own living room. For when you need to concentrate or make some phone calls.

Meeting Place

The meeting place is a somewhat larger arrangement. Here you can sit with up to four people for a meeting or consultation. The benches are comfortable and the tapered table makes it easy to take a seat. The acoustic walls are of course ideal for this meeting place. They give some privacy and muffle the noise from outside.

Duo Workplace

The duo workplace is a well-known one from the Patch program. Ideal as a desk for a call center or, for example, as a team workplace. This configuration is fully equipped and of course adjustable in height so that you can also work standing up. And with a roof it works a lot cozier.


The pantry is a unit with a somewhat deeper cupboard. This makes the pantry ideal for placing a coffee machine or copier. The cabling is neatly concealed at the rear.

Specifications – Construction

  •  walls are 90 cm high and made of 36 mm melamine
  • metal house can be added optionally and is supplied with acoustic upholstered roof panels and double-sided accessible cable duct with LED lighting and cabling
  • metal house can also be placed afterwards
  • acoustic upholstered add-on panels of 40 or 60 cm high. 60 cm high panels only in combination with metal housing
  • top/cabinet depth: 65 cm
  • seat height benches: 45 cm
  • height table top: 75 cm
  • adjusting caps

Specifications – mounting walls and roof panels

  • upholstered add-on walls with acoustic Re-felt filling as standard (acoustic report can be requested from the internal sales department)
  • upholstered add-on walls connect seamlessly to the wooden panels
  • add-on walls of your choice 40 or 60 cm high (60 cm high add-on walls only possible in combination with metal house)

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