Habitats For A New Work Landscape

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It’s clear that remote and hybrid working is here to stay, even after the pandemic recedes. While some workers will gradually find their way back to in-person workplace settings, this is just the beginning of working from anywhere for many others. Research by LifeSize states that video meetings improve productivity by 50%, and 90% of people find it easier to get their point across. With 76% of us using video conferencing for remote work. These permanently hybrid and remote teams need the space and tools to communicate and collaborate just as effectively and perhaps more frequently than before. The Mews landscape habitats are designed to fulfil the needs of the modern workplace.


A destination space for a new era

Mews enhances the ergonomics of your space through air quality, temperature and lighting to create habitats that improve the quality of work, connection, and collaboration.


A quiet space designed for visual and acoustic privacy. Lighting modes created for video conferencing and prolonged pieces of work with ventilation that maintains comfortable temperature and quality of air.


A meeting space designed for visual and acoustic privacy. Controllable lighting creates a softer space to focus and share ideas.  Ventilation that maintains comfortable temperature and quality of air over longer periods.



An informal meeting space designed for keeping in touch with your space and people around you. The slatted ceiling creates and open well lit space with different level of attachment .


The space around the pods delineated by curtains on the Mews grid system, creates spaces perfect for collaboration and informal lounge settings.


Spacestor Residence Connect

Crafted to provide an optimal and inclusive video conferencing experience with excellent acoustic performance

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Vepa Patchwork

Private and spacial at the same time

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Nimble Project Table

Multi-purpose Functionality & Agility

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