What is workspace consultancy and how can it benefit your business?

What is workspace consultancy?

Workspace consultancy is one of the key services we provide here at Calibro. Very simply, it’s a process that helps you make the most of your workspace and your people. In this article, we explain what workspace consultancy is, what the process looks like and how it can benefit your business.

Workspace consultancy is an audit of your current workspace to identify what your existing and future business needs are and whether they are being met by your current work environment.
In essence, it’s an information gathering and reporting exercise. By engaging your staff, observing your workforce, conducting wellbeing and occupancy studies and taking the time to understand your goals and challenges, we can produce concise, actionable insights that will help you make better use of your available space.
The perfect time for a workspace consultancy is before a planned office relocation or refurbishment, or when transitioning to a more agile working environment. That will ensure the workspace is optimised for processes and people from the beginning of the journey.

The workspace consultancy process:

The first step in every workspace consultancy process is to understand your organisation’s objectives, strategies and outputs and the way you work to achieve them. We will then put our tried and tested data gathering tools and methodologies into practice to map the needs or your organisation and people against the current working environment. We will then identify practical and affordable ways to make positive changes for your business.

A full workspace consultancy will include:

  • Space utilisation study ⟶ We need to understand how your current workspace is performing. To do that, we measure workstation, meeting room and breakout area occupation rates and produce heatmaps and map collaboration touchpoints to see how the space is being used.
  • Stakeholder engagement ⟶ We conduct stakeholder surveys and workshops to understand your high-level project drivers, objectives and aspirations.
  • Staff engagement ⟶ One-to-ones with team leaders, bespoke surveys with anonymous responses and group workshops all help us to understand the requirements and priorities of your staff.
  • Wellbeing surveys ⟶ Using a 7-step scoring matrix, we conduct live surveys to understand the impact the workspace is having on employee wellbeing.
  • Reporting & recommendations ⟶ We create a concise and compelling summary of the data along with a strategy plan and change transition outputs that will empower you to work smarter and achieve more.

What are the benefits of workspace consultancy?

⟶ Increasing the productivity and profitability of your business
⟶ Allowing every part of your workspace to be used optimally
⟶ Enhancing the flexibility of the workspace to accommodate different working types
⟶ Accommodating future growth and expansions while saving costs
⟶ Improving communication and collaboration within and between teams
⟶ Attracting new talent and boosting morale and engagement
⟶ Strengthening the brand image and the business’s core values
⟶ Reducing your energy consumption and running costs

Ready to realise the benefits of workspace consultancy?

Not all workspaces are created equally. At Calibro, we can help you realise the benefits of a workspace that has been optimised for your processes and people. Find out more about our workspace consultancy service and get in touch to discuss your requirements with our team.


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