The Journey of Office Design

What process will my office design project take?

Throughout each step of the design process, our aim is to understand our client’s goals and translate them into a unique environment, whilst putting your people at the heart of our analysis.

It all starts with the client brief – a collaborative approach including our design team and the clients team. There is more to this than understanding how many desks you want to fit into the space, so bear with us!

From drilling into the detail of your goals, values and personality as a company, to understanding the working styles of each department within your organisation – we discuss, challenge, scribble & drink coffee (of course!).

This mightn’t be the most exciting part of the design process, but is vital to ensuring the finished space functions properly and gives your team the space to shape success!

Carrying out an initial building survey is important to identify any structural challenges that may limit how much you can adapt the space and to draw out any problems with the space that may incur expense during the fitout. At the end of the day, this may make or break whether the space will actually be the best option for your business, or not.

Ensuring you have up-to-date layout plans of your current space or the space you are moving to is important to allow the designer to edit and work with the layouts. If you don’t currently have this, speak to us to see how we can help.

With up-to-date layout plans and a detailed brief, it’s time for our space planners to work their magic! We will develop a 2D layout plan that delivers on the client brief and best practice for the people using the space.

Following feedback on the initial layout plan, our designers will make any necessary changes and develop a design concept for the space. Indicative colours are added to the floorplan to add more depth to the concept. As well as bringing a strong identity to any space, our interiors influence behaviour and bring the outside in to promote wellbeing. Our designers consider layout, natural light, lighting design, colour schemes, furniture and fittings to suit each environment.

Photorealistic CGI’s can also be created by our design team to help you visualise the design concept and make decisions on finishes. An example CGI we have created on a previous project can be seen below.

Then comes the exciting bit, finalising on finishes for the space, from picking carpets to the fabrics on the furniture items – then building & furnishing the space and handing it over to another delighted client!

For many clients, even before embarking on this design journey, they want to understand what to expect in terms of what an office fitout might cost. That’s why we have created the Fitout Costings Calculator to help you develop a budget. We strive to maintain complete openness throughout the design journey as to how incorporating certain design elements will impact on the costs of a project so there are no nasty surprises throughout a project.

Because our design is based on the needs and requirements of the people who will actually use the space, we know all the staff will love the space, use the space, and ultimately and most importantly, enjoy the experience!
We love working with our clients, realising their ideas and guiding them through the ‘New Workspace’ journey, but what we love most of all, is creating the space for people to perform to their full potential and ultimately shape their own and the companies success!

To kick start your design journey, reach out to one of our Workplace Experts to discuss the next steps: | +44 (0) 28 9442 5200


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