What is a Breakout Space, and what benefits do they bring?

Calibro Workspace Office Design and Fitout Northern Ireland - Benefits of Breakout Spaces

The Benefits of a Breakout Space

What is a breakout space?

A breakout space is an area that is separate from the conventional working area that gives employees somewhere to work, away from the desk, or a place to relax or catch up with others. Giving employees the areas they need to be more productive reduces mental blocks, boosts concentration and creates an overall more motivated workforce.

A breakout space is often considered as an expensive luxury which smaller companies cannot afford, however an office breakout space doesn’t need to be excessive or even very large. The overall impact on the company’s performance should be considered before any company rules out the idea of a multifunctional breakout area in their office.

Here are the five key benefits that a breakout space can bring to your business:

1. Greeting Visitors

Breakout areas provide a perfect place to meet visitors or clients. The soft seats and easy to access refreshments create a more relaxed atmosphere, making the client feel welcomed and of importance to you as a business.

2. Interaction

A breakout zone can give employees the chance to interact with fellow employees from across the business, allowing them to chat with one another and exchange ideas, this helps to promote creativity throughout the business and build up an engaged and interactive workforce. Giving people the opportunity to collaborate with others from different areas of the business, who wouldn’t normally meet up can stimulate cooperation between departments.

3. Collaboration

Breakout areas can be used for collaboration amongst staff. Gathering for a business meeting while sat on sofas or beanbags can encourage employees to share new ideas as it creates a more relaxed and encouraging vibe, bringing life to a traditionally uneventful and repetitious task.

Calibro Workspace Office Design and Fitout Northern Ireland - Benefits of Breakout Spaces

4. Relaxing space

A thoughtfully designed multifunctional breakout area can serve many purposes and can provide employees with the chance to relax, rest and relieve stress. A short time spent away from the desk has been proven to boost morale and create a more agile working environment, in turn maximising productivity. By providing a breakout space away from the stress and noise of the main working zone, staff can focus and perform better to achieve greater results.

5. Wellbeing

Many tasks such as sitting at a desk can be both mentally exhausting as well as being bad for a person’s health, however this can be avoided by giving employees the freedom to move around the workspace throughout the day resulting in a healthier but more importantly, happier workforce.

With the modern workplace becoming more digitally centred and the ever increasing rise in the time spent by employees at their desk, the idea of a breakout space is becoming a more familiar feature in office design.

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