Plastic Whale by Vepa – State-of-the-art circular office furniture.

Vepa Whale


Plastic soup

Plastic waste is increasingly polluting the world’s waters and with all its consequences. No less than 80 percent of all the waste that ends up in the ocean consists of plastic. This is more than 8 million tons annually.

Animals in and around the water get entangled or suffocate in the plastic waste. In addition, plastic waste breaks down into very small particles that are swallowed by fish and absorbed by all kinds of organisms such as mussels and oysters.

High time to take our responsibility and do something about it. That is why we launched Plastic Whale by Vepa together with Plastic Whale, so that together we can fight against the plastic soup.

Value Creation From Waste

The special thing about the collection is that Plastic Whale fishes the most important raw material for the furniture from the canals. To date, more than 150,000 PET bottles have been removed from the water. These PET bottles are then upcycled and used for new products.

We create economic value from the plastic waste with the involvement of as many people as possible. More than 20,000 people from all over the world have already helped with plastic fishing. The PET bottles that are fished from the canal are first washed and shredded so that PET felt and PET foam can be made from it.

The PET foam is used, among other things, for high-quality plastic Whale design sloops that are also used for fishing, and we use the PET felt in various applications for our joint furniture collection. But not only waste from others, we also process residual materials from our own factory in the products. The base of the Whale Tail Chair is made from our own steel waste.


LAMA concept is responsible for the design of this collection, which is inspired by the whale. Yvonne Laurijsen, co-owner of LAMA concept: “The plastic soup is a major threat to this fascinating mammal. We have translated characteristic elements of the whale into the designs. This includes the characteristic skin, the fat tissue and the impressive skeleton. ”

Whale Table

The table top is beautifully finished with PET felt, which has been heated and pressed to give it a luxurious look.

The inside of the tray is also made from recycled PET bottles. Just like in Plastic Whale’s boats, the core of this table is made of PET foam.

The Whale Boardroom Table is part of a family that also includes the Whale Tail Chair , Barnacle lamps and Whale Panels .


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