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Over the last decade, the whole concept of office storage has gone through a major revolution. Now many staff are not based in a single location, and when they are on-site, they’re not storing what they used to store, which was paper. There is a major current shift from centralised archive storage to personal possession storage – from bulk filing to lockers. So we are seeing a re-positioning of the location and importance of the locker, shifting from back of house right into the hub of the work area.

To play their part in talent attraction, these lockers need to function smoothly, be design-appealing and support today’s technology. As a shift to more agile working rapidly progresses, even personal storage may have to be shared to support this new style of working. We take a look at the some of the top options on the market today providing vast flexibility and functionality for the future office space.

Vepa L Store


Wooden locker solution for a warm look

The L-store wooden locker cabinet has a modular construction. The locker compartments are linkable and stackable, so that a custom locker system can always be created.

Wood is used for the construction of the L Store system, provides a warmer appearance than steel. L-store is available in various versions, both in terms of height and width and the number of locker compartments and columns.

We have seen for years that the amount of paper in the office is decreasing. Documents are stored digitally, fixed workplaces become flexible workplaces and with all that working from home, even the most inveterate ‘Ordner Addict’ has been digitized. In this changing office environment, we see the demand for lockers increasing enormously. Employees still need a place where they can safely store their personal belongings.

There is also a wide choice in lock systems such as mechanical locks, wired locks or wired electronic locking systems. After all, a locker is only a locker if it can be locked.

There are also many options in terms of color or wood decor. The carcase, doors, side wall, top and plinth can be executed in a wide range of colour options from Vepa

Spacestor Hotlocker

Make a brand statement

Lockers have been a fixture in top offices for years, but why not take it one step further by installing lockers with incredible design appeal that are not afraid to be hidden in plain sight as an extension of your brand? The Hotlocker is completely customisable, and act not only as valuable storage but a feel-good feature of a fashion forward workspace.

Personalised Storage

Personalising the employee’s workspace gives a sense of individuality and adds to a human-centric design. So, find the perfect solution in the HotLocker Agile system. This system provides tech-enabled personal storage spaces which, as its name suggests, are suited to the agile workers of today. Allocated on an individual basis, staff can assign themselves a locker for a day’s work using their phone and a central self-service terminal. If you have multiple offices, you can provide lockers for your staff across different locations with the integrated system. Available in a huge variety of sizes and finishes, these lockers are highly customizable and suited to any interior, taking personal storage to a whole new level.

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