Purpose Built For Portability


BUSYPODs flexible, eco- friendly, and affordable range of phone booths and meeting pods are the perfect answer to the shared space dilemma.



Purpose built for portability, BUSYPOD is the better alternative to a traditional office fit-out. It’s quicker, there’s no permits, hassles or cost overruns! And with the majority of the materials being made from recycled and recyclable materials, we’ve got the environment in mind.



  • Quiet – Superior soundproofing up to 38dB
  • Portable – Easily demountable for transportation
  • Power – Built in power socket, USB and optional Data cable
  • Ventilated – Full air circulation every 40 Seconds
  • Easy Assembly – Quick construction in less than an hour


A quiet space designed for privacy and focus.

Get your oasis for the modern office. Dial in, tune out, rehearse, review, create, debate – you name it – the minimalist BUSYPOD Phone Booth’s potential for your open plan
office is huge.

No need to fight over the conference room or over-booked meeting rooms that were built for 6-10 people. No need to stand out in the corridor or stairwell to make that phone call. Our Phone Booths are soundproofed, comfortable spaces that come with a builtin desk as standard. Setup your laptop, put down your cup of coffee, lay out some documents.

Price From £7,950

Medium Work (1 Person)

A quiet space designed for privacy and focus.

Sometimes you just need a quiet, private space to lock yourself away and focus on some detailed work, or read an important marketing report or lease agreement. All the meeting rooms are booked and your company doesn’t like one person taking up a whole room.

With a built-in work desk included, the BUSYPOD Medium Work is a cost effective and easy way to add flexible work spaces to any office, when and where you need them.

Price From £10,950

Medium Meet (2 Person)

There’s room for two!

There are just never enough meeting spaces. Most meeting rooms are built for larger groups when the fact is, most meetings have just a few people. The cost of building more meeting rooms can be prohibitive, or just damn right impractical.

The pod comes with a large 2 person meeting table. Add two built-in, height adjustable stools, or provide your own. Perfect for that quick catchup with a colleague or visitor. Work on a report with a team member. Dial in a colleague working remotely, or just use the pod to get away to read a legal document.

Price From £10,950

Large (4 Person)

Where people and privacy meet

No need to build a new 12 person meeting room. Did you know over 70% of meetings have 4 people or less in them? Most offices don’t have enough meeting spaces. The cost of building more meeting rooms can be prohibitive, or just impractical. Maybe your lease is due to expire in 18 months anyway. So why build when you can quickly install a 4 person
meeting pod which you can take with you when you move premises.

Wall mount a screen for built-in video conferencing, meet with up to 3 of your colleagues, or just use the pod to get away and focus on that report you’re working on.

Price From £12,350

XLarge (6 Person)

Your new boardroom

You need another large meeting room but there’s just no place that one can be built. Besides, the cost is prohibitive, not to mention those massive ‘make good’ costs when you vacate the premises!

The BUSYPOD XLarge is the perfect solution when a larger meeting room or board room is required. Mount a screen for video conferencing, hold your regular team or board meeting, present or pitch to clients. The XLarge is just what you are looking for. And when you move to a new premises… take it with you!

Price From £20,150


Comfortable and functional meeting

BUSYLOUNGE is a mobile office pod designed as casual meeting space where you can have fun, work, and meet. The hidden wheels make it a breeze to relocate the booth anywhere in the office where you may need it. At any time!

With a simple yet stylish aesthetic, BUSYLOUNGE is designed to be highly functional and versatile. In those situations where full privacy is not required, BUSYLOUNGE is the perfect solution.

Price From £6,250


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