A comparison between some of top private work booths on the market.

With demand ever increasing for private working spaces throughout the workplace, we have created a comparison between some of the top private work booths available on the market today. With the growing trend of open-plan office spaces, finding a quiet and secluded space to work in private has become more difficult over time, and with many people working from home over the past year and now requiring quiet spaces for virtual meetings and webinars, the need for private work space is rapidly increasing.

Spacestor Residence Work

Dedicated quiet spaces are a necessity within the high-tech buzz of the modern working environment. Sometimes you just need to be alone. Whether you’re in need of a solitary space for private conversation or high focus working, the modern workspace provides little facility for this, with greater emphasis on open-plan collaborative and social zones, rather than individual spaces for quiet, uninterrupted working.


DIMENSIONS: 1035mm W X 2160mm H X 970m D

CONNECTIVITY: Power module (1 x USB, 1 x power) 13A electrical plug

ACOUSTICS: Laboratory tested sound reduction – 29dB

AIR QUALITY: Constant flow of fresh air through built-in air vents

SUSTAINABILITY: The plywood frame, seat and table parts are 90% recyclable. Lacquered plywood and MDF can be reused, recycled as Grade C wood or used as biomass waste in accordance with the biomass regulation. Acoustic glass is 90% recyclable. The upholstery fabric and foam are both 100% recyclable.

Room Phone Booth

Constant noise and insufficient meeting space lead to lost productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. The Phone Booth by ROOM creates space for solo phone calls, virtual meetings, and focused work, so you never have to fight over conference rooms or take calls in the hallway again.


DIMENSIONS: 1054mm W X 2256mm H X 1100mm D

CONNECTIVITY: Two 120v outlets keep you powered up for every charged work session. Ethernet port ensures you never miss a connection. Smart sensor activates the fans and LED light, helping you stay energy efficient.

ACOUSTICS: 1,088 recycled PET bottles used and engineered to reduce noise by 28dB.

AIR QUALITY: Two ultra-quiet fans keep you cool under pressure. Stay cool under pressure. 60s Air Replaced Every Minute, Discreet airflow inlet constantly pulls in fresh air while two ceiling fans push warm air out, keeping the air inside fresh at all times.

SUSTAINABILITY: Acoustics fabric is produced from 1,088 recycled plastic bottles

Framery O

Framery One is not only stylish and super smart, it incorporates the latest technology, leading sound insulation standards and echo-free acoustics. You can look forward to a highly adaptable workspace where you won’t be disturbed by outside noise or distractions and can enjoy best-in-class design while you focus on your next project.


DIMENSIONS: 1000mm W X 2210mm H X 1000mm D

CONNECTIVITY: Power outlet and USB charger are included. There is an option to add wireless charger and local area network (LAN).

ACOUSTICS: 30 dB measured according to ISO 23351-1. Pods with this level of sound insulation can be placed right next to workstations in an office, and people working outside them will not be able to overhear discussions happening inside the pod.

AIR QUALITY: Total air flow in Framery O pod is 21,5 l/s.

SUSTAINABILITY: All plywood used in Framery products is produced either in Finland or neighboring countries, while all suppliers are required to have FSC or PEFC certification. A majority of the materials used are recycled or recyclable. The acoustic foam and the interior felt used in the products are up to 60–70 % recycled. A significant part of all steel, aluminium and glass used is recycled material. Framery O is highly energy-efficient. When the products are in use, the standard power consumption of Framery O is 13 W. As a comparison, ten Framery O’s use less energy than one 60 W light bulb. The pod is constructed from steel, and a total of 95% of the materials used in this highly durable pod can be recycled. Steel also helps to ensure that the structure is fireproof, ensuring user safety.

Boss TP4

The TP4 telephone pod provides a private acoustic space (to 34dB) for today’s workplace. From individual focused work to conference calls, the TP4 booth provides a space to avoid every day workplace distractions.


DIMENSIONS: 1020mm W X 2250mm H X 950mm D

CONNECTIVITY: 1 x Power supply and 1x USB outlet

ACOUSTICS: Acoustic properties reducing noise levels by up to 34dB

SUSTAINABILITY: Manufactured from a wide selection of recyclable materials including glass wall panels, aluminium, wood veneer cladding panels and acoustic panels

JDD Penelope

The Penelope range from JDD is a single seater, private work booth featuring a range of size options and high configurability to perfectly suit your needs. A highly cost-effective solution, the Penelope can be configured with soft seating, standing space, low benches or high tables, along with a wide selection of fabrics and additional options such as lighting, screen mounting brackets, and a selection of power outlets.


DIMENSIONS: 1000/1200/1800mm W X 2200mm H X 1000mm D

CONNECTIVITY: 1 x Power supply and 2x USB outlet (Optional Extras Available)

ACOUSTICS: 38dB measured with door closed – Sound source inside Penelope. 41dB measured with door closed – Sound source outside Penelope.

SUSTAINABILITY: Manufactured form a wide selection of recyclable materials such as FSC certified birch plywood, sustainable fabrics and LED energy saving lighting.

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