We will re-emerge from this turbulent time, but not as we were before.

Despite our desire to return to normal when the lockdown is over, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. Perspectives have shifted. New beliefs and mindsets are taking shape. When it comes to the world of work, employers need to get ahead of these new behaviours so they can ensure their workplaces are safe and ready for the reset.

As a leader, you may have already developed a tactical response to COVID-19 by safeguarding your employees, social distancing, setting up new ways of working and considering the economic impact. As time moves forward, it’s also important to ensure the new normal becomes a better normal.

WorkSafe offer
WorkSafe offer

Are you ready for a safe return to the office?

With our WorkSafe Action Plan, we can reconfigure your office workspace, share knowledge and introduce behaviours to keep your teams safe and productive.

As experts in employee wellbeing and office fitout, we can make your next steps straightforward and focussed. We’re monitoring all the regulations and guidelines as they are released, so you can rely on us to streamline the entire process on your behalf. Let’s have a conversation.

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The Calibro WorkSafe Action Plan
The Calibro WorkSafe Action Plan is a series of best practices and policies that put your people’s safety and wellbeing first.
01. Client Audit
Online survey and Zoom call to establish your current working policies and develop a WorkSafe Action Plan.
02. Space Utilisation
Post COVID-19 office space layout design.
03. Policies
Amend and create workspace policies to protect your staff
04. Implementation
Re-set your workspace to allow re-occupation.
05. Return To Work
Successful completion of stages 1 to 4 enables a safe return to the office.
06. Feedback & Refine
Continous monitoring and adjustment of policies to reflect the changing workspace

Wellbeing Packs

Air Conditioning Servicing

Perspex Screens

Office Deep Clean

Temperature Monitoring

Aerosol Sanitising

Sanitising Stations

Floor & Wall Signage

Carpet Tiles

We know that many organisations are experiencing radically different realities right now. We’ve developed the The Calibro WorkSafe Action Plan to help organisations adapt, whatever their situation, sector or size.

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