Space reinvigorated for adapting, global finance firm

The Brief

IQEQ are a financial services provider with office locations all across the globe and required a refresh to their Belfast office space in order to keep up with their growth and ever-adapting business culture. The current offices had become tired and well-used, and consisted of one large floor area; however additional space was necessary for the growing team so a second floor was acquired. There was also a greater need for collaboration between teams across the large, open floors and an Increase in social spaces to accommodate better working together and increase socialisation between staff.




We successfully created a refreshed office environment that maximises the entire space available and takes advantage of the full-height windows that line the perimeter of each floor to make it a more pleasant place to work. New glazed partitioning was installed to current meeting rooms allowing for greater flow of light and make the space feel more open. A new carpet design, featuring walkways and zones was developed to encourage collaboration and attract staff back to the office with a space to socialise and connect with colleague’s post covid-19.


The teapoint spaces on each floor were also updated, featuring new cabinetry and integrated appliances and an overall sleek design aesthetic that compliments the rest of the space. New bar and soft seating were also added here to give staff greater flexibly to work away from their desks and catch up with colleagues.




A brand-new open-plan breakout space was introduced centrally in the main floor area that caters for a greater focus on agile and flexible working styles, featuring private working booths, single, soft seats and a collaboration bench where staff can break away from their desks to socialise and relax. This is also extended to the lobby areas where staff and visitors can break away from the main office to enjoy a more relaxed environment with panoramic views over Belfast.

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