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� I wanted to thank you personally for the success of the project you and your team have completed for Firmus energy in 2016. The staff are delighted with their new workspace and it is being put to good use every day. �

Michael Scott, Managing Director

The Brief

Our client came looking for us to create more space in their building, including a breakout area, more offices without having to extend the current floor plan, refreshed reception area and existing toilets updated.


Additional Space


A lightweight mezzanine structure was installed over a storage area at the rear of the building to make use of a large void above the store. This gave back nearly 2000 sq/ft of office space whilst retaining storage space on the ground floor.


Working with our client we designed and built within this new space, a unique and creative breakout area, divided into 3 zones to maximise appeal. The café zone, the garden zone and the gaming zone, to increase staff engagement and boost productivity. Additionally, we designed a 6person office, 2 singleperson quiet rooms and a first aid room.




Finally, on the ground floor, we refurbished the reception and toilets resulting in a clean and minimalist area that is welcoming to both clients and staff.

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