The key teams to involve for success in your next office fitout project.

Who Will I Need To Involve In My Next Office Project?

Building a strong and reliable team of experts to tackle the fitout project will ensure the project is managed as efficiently as possible and reduces the risk of communication errors.

We have developed a list of key teams and their members that once created, will help to keep the project on track:

Internal Project Leader

You will need to appoint a single person within your
organisation to look after the daily running of the
fitout project and act as a key internal contact for
other teams to report to. Ensure this person has the
necessary skills and time required to look after the
project as their role is vital to the project’s success

Finance Team

Consult with the financial team within your
organisation to work on the budgets and costings of
the project. Their role is to also control the spending
and keep a track against budget throughout the project
and communicate with relevant teams about any

Internal Team

The final project outcome will have an effect on
every division of your organisation, so it is important
to include the managers/directors of each of these
divisions in the decisions and ensure that the internal
project leader liaise with them to keep the project
on track to meet the intended outcomes for each

Legal Team

An office fitout project is a complicated task so we
recommend you work with property solicitors who
can point you in the right direction and give advice if
any problems arise.


It is important to keep in contact with your building
landlord, whether you are refurbishing your current
space or moving to a new building. You will need to
discuss your plans for the space with them to ensure
they do not conflict with their plans and that the space
will still be suitable for them further into the future.

Technology Consultants

The movement, development and installation of IT
software and equipment requires a lot of time and
expertise so it may be best to use an independent
company to look after this in order to reduce disruption
it would otherwise have in your day-to-day business.

Commercial Agent

Work with a commercial agent to discuss your office
fitout plans for your current or new space. Their
knowledge of the rental market will enable you to
decide on the best lease and/or building and ensure
you are taking the right space for your company.

Workplace Specialists

In order to get the most out of your new space and
fully meet your demands, work with workplace
specialists who will be able to gain an understanding
and vision of your needs and turn them into a fully
functional and dynamic workplace environment for the
future. This will consist of consultants, space planners
and designers to becoming fully involved from start to
finish to deliver a brand new space for future growth
and sustainment.

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