Organisations do not change, people do

What is Change Management?

Change Management is a structured approach that is used to prepare individuals, teams, and organisations in thoroughly and smoothly implementing change into the business that creates lasting benefits and organisational change. Change Management provides a structural approach to supporting individuals in the business to drive themselves to better, more effective futures,

– In essence it is all about ‘changing working behaviours’.

The Change Management Process involves 3 phases which are used to help a project leader or team apply change management in order to drive individual transitions and ensure the project meets the intended outcomes.

  • ‘Preparing for Change’, this involves defining the management strategy, preparing your change management team and developing your sponsorship model.
  • ‘Managing Change’ is the process of developing management plans and taking action to implement plans.
  • The third phase is ‘reinforcing change’ which involves collecting and analysing feedback, diagnosing gaps, managing resistance, implementing corrective actions and celebrating successes.

A clearly defined process is vital to complete any project successfully – and Change Management is no different.  Many companies embarking on Change Management procedures will use the highly effective PDCA model to drive the process.  This model creates a flow which is highly adaptable and agile and consists of the following 4 steps:

  1. Plan: Identify the opportunity for change and design or revise business process to improve results.
  2. Do: Apply change on a small scale and measure its performance.
  3. Check: Gather data and analyse the results of change and determine if it made a difference.
  4. Act: Implement successful change on a wider scale. If not successful, start the process again.

This process allows people to change behaviours in a natural way and opens up the business to making further changes to support its people and mission/vision.  Changes such as;  ‘getting suppliers to use a new web-based form and process’ or ‘relocating office spaces within an existing building’ or ‘changes in senior leadership’ will be much more manageable and effective if the Change Management process is followed.  The key ingredient is to always include your people in your process – especially the key influencers and ‘project champions’ which enables the project to drive forward.

Always remember: Change people first before the business changes!

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