A unique ‘infinite’ chair

With the Hemp range, Vepa are the first in the world to launch a collection of chairs with a shell made of a unique biomaterial. The materials used – hemp and resin are both completely organic and recyclable. Something that was not possible before!

Their ambition to only make sustainable circular furniture in the future has been expressed several times and a 100% organic chair fits perfectly with this.With the beautiful, natural material hemp and the bio resin this turned out to be possible.With the Hemp Fine chair and Hemp High stool as a result.

Hemp from the region

The residual flow of fibers from the hemp processing is used as raw material to make the seat shell of the chair.The advantage of hemp is that it grows without fertilizers or pesticides, requires hardly any water and is grown in the Netherlands.In addition, hemp is super strong and absorbs CO2.As a result, the production of the chair has a negative CO2 footprint.So more CO2 is absorbed than emitted.

After the harvest,the fibers are removed from the hemp.The result is a thick, natural brown mat, which forms the basic material for the chair. The binding agent developed is then used to press the mat into the shape of the chair.

Below is the process of creating the Vepa Hemp chair:

Infinitely reusable chair

What makes this chair really unique is that it can be shredded and turned back into a chair without adding chemicals or other substances.

The parts of the chair are designed in such a way that they can easily be separated from each other and reused after use. Although the tubs are completely biodegradable in nature, the tub is ground and then pressed again. With the same quality again. Vepa are the only company in the world where this is possible without adding new raw materials.

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