The future of the office in the legal industry is ever-changing.

The Legal Office Of The Future

The future of the office in the legal industry is ever-changing and the emphasis on developing a better suited workplace is greater than ever before in order to successfully attract and retain new talent and provide an adapting workplace for the future.

With the future in mind and the greater demand to fulfil employee needs, we cover 5 key points to consider when thinking about developing and future-proofing your office environment.

Attraction & Retention.

With change now more pressing than ever, and the consideration of the next Attorney Generation entering the workplace, design is of utmost importance to ensure maximum attraction of future talent and retention of current staff. With privacy a key factor effecting workplace layouts and design ideas in the legal sector, getting the balance between new working habits and the current private offices is crucial to allow for growth and development but still ensure privacy standards are upheld. Understanding the needs and aspirations of your employees is crucial in developing the future workplace that’s best suited to them and the way they want to work.

Health & Wellbeing.

Understanding staff health and wellbeing is important in order to help mitigate employee burnout and provide a working atmosphere that relieves pressure. While the legal industry may have been a slow adopter of modern office trends, many law firms are taking a greater interest in staff wellbeing and developing an office space that promotes a better work/life balance and considers staff nutrition.

Some examples include more effective office layouts that allow for better natural light flow throughout the entire space and better air quality.

Choice & Flexibility

With a wide range of working habits arising throughout the last couple of months, employees around the world have found better ways of working that boost their productivity and enjoyment when at work, and it’s no different for the law firm attorney. Understanding that staff perform better in a variety of working conditions and environments results in more flexible office layouts and designs that allow for greater movement and choice for different tasks. Providing a range of different working conditions from private to collaborative allows employees to work where they will perform their best.

Customer & Employee Experience

Creating an office environment that evokes a certain feeling and emphasizes your brand values to both clients and employees is becoming a crucial part of the office experience. Developing a modern and attractive office design that keeps up with current office trends can be difficult however for the law firm. The need for privacy is of utmost importance, and with the increase in open-plan and agile office environments we see today this can be a challenge to successfully achieve. A simple alternative to the open-plan office is developing specific social and connectivity hubs outside of the main working environment or private offices where staff and clients can connect in a more relaxed but still private environment.

Technology & Connectivity

The rapid rise in the use of technology and software in the workplace to meet the ever-growing demands for faster, more efficient systems and processes, means we must adapt more than ever to newer ways of working in order to survive. Although privacy and confidentiality in the legal sector means that integrating a fully technological infrastructure into the workplace does not come with many challenges, there are a wide range of tech systems that can be integrated to increase efficiencies in other ways that won’t put to risk privacy and confidentiality. Some examples include the introduction of advanced Audio/Visual systems that help organise the use of different working locations in the office easier, such as meeting rooms or collaboration zones. Another example is improving meeting room experiences to better cater for the rise in remote working and those outside of the office.

Creating the perfect office design can be a difficult task when trying to balance future office trends and advancements in technology with the privacy required in the legal sector. These five points however are some small steps that can be taken in order to future -proof your office and provide a suitable working environment for the next generation.

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