6 Reasons You Should Consider Investing In An Office Fitout In 2022

Should I Consider An Office Fitout in 2022?

With 2021 fast coming to an end and the new year impending, I explore some key reasons why now might be the right time to consider investing in an office upgrade:

1. Attraction and retention of top talent

Never before has the job market been so active, as the comment was made to me on a recent call – “it is an employee’s market now”. Records suggest that job vacancies are at the highest in the UK since records began, at 1.1m between July and September 2021. (Source – It is therefore critical that if you want to retain your existing staff or are looking to attract new talent, the working environment has to show ambition and make a statement.

2. Make the most of the opportunity of a quiet office

With the current Government guidelines still suggesting employees should work from home where possible, there is no better time to take advantage of this time to upgrade the office and avoid the disruption of carrying out works when the office is busy again – this will come!

3. Boost team morale

Give your team something to be proud of moving into 2022 and include them on the project journey to keep them engaged! We’ve all seen those employee posts on social media showing off their new space and celebrating with a launch party. Wouldn’t you like to see this from your team?

4. Space for collaboration and socialisation

After spending much of the last couple of years working from home, employees now say the main reason they want to come back to the office is to be with other people, socialise and collaborate in ways that aren’t possible remotely. Do you have the facilities to allow your staff to collaborate and socialise effectively?

5. Number of hours the typical employee spends at work

About one-third or 30 percent of human life is spent working! (Source – – let’s make this a positive experience for our employees and set ourselves to improve the wellbeing of people at work!

6. Business changes

The covid-19 pandemic has had huge effects on both business and team demographics, does your existing space support how your business has changed in the last 2 years?

Convinced it’s time to invest in your offices, or maybe not just yet, either way – get in touch today with one of our friendly workplace specialists:

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