What does the future hold for the workplace

Opening the workplace post Covid-19

Many of us are continuing to work from our homes during these unprecedented times, however, a large number of businesses are beginning to return to work as the spread of the virus begins to decrease, but are you prepared for the return to the office environment? With the current pandemic changing the future of our lives across the globe, it is crucial to take the time to evaluate your current office space and make the necessary updates in order to protect your staff and adapt to new working conditions.

The world will never be the same again once we are through the other side of Covid-19, so here are some key aspects of your office design you may need to consider improving for the future.

  1. Increased desk size

Social distancing from at least 2 metres has been a strict enforcement and can be proven to help slow down the spread of disease and virus. It is likely therefore that this measure could be carried into the office environment in the near future as many people will become more and more aware as to how they socialise and work along-side others. In the past, office desks have slowly shrunk, but it has been predicted that post Covid-19, this will reverse, desk sizes in the office space could become larger and occupancy density may decrease.

  1. Improved hygiene facilities within Reception & Toilet areas

The reception and toilet facilities within your office space will undoubtedly need to become cleaner and more hygienic to help control spread of germs in these areas. Toilet facilities could be fitted with more up to date equipment, and be better designed to control the spread of germs (See Point 4). Reception areas will see an increase in hygiene products such as sanitisation stations to help prevent the spreading of germs and keep them under control. Take a look at our Sanitiser Station and Ilona Dispenser which are perfect options to install within your office to help reduce the spread.

  1. Improved Air Ventilation

Cleaner and fresher air reduces the risk of germs and disease spreading, it is therefore important to ensure that your current air ventilation systems are highly advanced in producing clean air for your office environment. Improved air ventilation and filtration systems will not only result in a lowered risk of germs spreading, but it will also result in an overall cleaner working environment for staff and will help to boost their wellbeing at work.

  1. Automated system to reduce staff touchpoints

One key way in which germs can spread quickly and effectively, is through transfer at regular touchpoints. How many times do you make contact with a specific area that other staff members also touch? Door handles, taps and utensils are just a few examples of key touchpoints in the office where germs can easily be transferred to and from persons in that office. Advancements in technology have resulted in more automated systems such as touch free taps and dispensers becoming readily available and so it is important to consider these as options to help reduce the spread of germs in your office environment.

As the above four points have mentioned, there are a number of key ways in which your office space could be simply and effectively improved to try and get greater control of germs and diseases. It is important that we take the time to review our current office environments while currently not in use to ensure we are doing the best we can to help improve the future for everyone. Please Get In Touch with one of the team who will be happy to provide you with help on improving and updating your workplace to make it a better place for the future.


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