How do you design a welcoming and attractive office while still making the most of every square inch of space?

Office Design For Smaller Spaces – The Key Elements To Get Right

Smart companies understand that even the smallest offices can still be a powerful business tool. When you want to recruit the best workers and encourage them to be creative, collaborative and productive, it’s important you take small office design very seriously. Your office design is also an opportunity to communicate your business’s culture, brand and values, so it must be something you get right.

But how do you design a welcoming and attractive office while still making the most of every square inch of space? This can seem especially tricky during the Covid-19 pandemic and looking into the future as we consider social distancing needs and flexibility in the workplace. Here are 4 steps to consider

1. Be Flexible

When space is tight, it’s very important to create areas that are practical and can be used in a range of different ways. This is especially important for the post Covid-19 office as many workers are now looking for spaces providing a range of different and new working styles to suit changes and shifts in traditional trends. For example, rather than opting for a traditional meeting room and a kitchen or canteen space, think about introducing a flexible area that can be used for meetings but is also a place to relax, socialise and eat.

To get the most value from the space, furniture should be comfortable and flexible. Booth seating is a great way to save space. With integrated power, it can become a practical meeting space where colleagues can share information and ideas, while the high backs of the seats will provide privacy from the rest of the room.

2. Create a Single Open Space

Make the office appear as big as possible by opting for a single open space. Rather than using dividing walls to create designated areas, incorporate different colours and design elements to distinguish between different departments and spaces.

If you do want to create a physical barrier between certain areas, opt for glass or even plants rather than solid walls. Incorporating glass will break up the space and provide privacy while still allowing natural light to flow.

3. Embrace Hot Desking

The rise of flexible working in the post pandemic workplace has changed the face of the workplace. Gone are the days when an employee’s productivity was measured by how long they sat at their desks. Now, employees are often away from their desks, working on projects in collaborative spaces or working remotely. Many employees also work flexible hours, further increasing the likelihood of empty desks. Hot desking reduces wasted space in the office and provides greater flexibility for a space to work.

As part of our workplace consultancy service, we use a range of tools and data to understand exactly how you use your space. That allows us to identify empty desks and wasted space to create a workspace that’s tailored to the specific needs of your business.

4. Be Smart With Storage

While wall-to-wall filing cabinets are a thing of the past, most businesses still need some form of storage space. The key to smart storage for small offices is to invest in dual-purpose storage solutions. Rather than outdated and clunky filing cabinets, opt for versatile storage boxes that can double as seats or benches.

Most offices also have plenty of unused wall space. Storage walls with a built-in cushioned seat for impromptu meetings and shelved feature walls can provide plenty of storage without encroaching on your floor space.

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