Market Insights – The Future Workplace By Aaron Patton

How are Companies returning to the office?

With restrictions easing further, confidence within companies seems to be at its highest now in executing their plans to return to the office on a wider scale.
With reports stating that office leasing has hit a pandemic high in Q4 2021 in Dublin, and with deals completing in Belfast, such as Tilney Smith & Williamson becoming the latest tenant to sign up for offices at The Ewart – reports that the office is dead appear to be nothing more than a myth!

Whilst temporary fixtures such as Perspex screens and signage are still in demand, much of this is already in place throughout the majority of companies and we are now seeing many more companies starting to consider more permanent changes and analysing how they can better utilise their space.

From building more collaboration points and installing phone booths for virtual meetings, creating collaborative and social office hubs has become a key part of the design process for many companies in recent months.

As disruptive as Covid-19 has been to businesses, it has also highlighted the benefits of a more flexible working environment and wellbeing at work. As your company plans to return to office-based working, now is a perfect opportunity to consider how those benefits can reshape your workplace. (Extract from –

The majority of people do not want to return to life exactly as it was prior to the pandemic, they do not want to spend time sitting in traffic or travelling by public transport to come back to an uninspiring work environment. The onus is now on the employers to provide a work environment that attracts, rather than forces their teams back to the office.

The importance of this has been even further enhanced with the current war for talent. A recent study by Microsoft showed that 41% of employees are considering leaving their current employer this year, with 46% saying they’re likely to leave because they can now work remotely. What would this mean for your business? Giving staff flexibility in where and how they work is key to ensure you keep hold of the talent that is vital to ensuring your business remains relevant.

Knowing where to start may seem rather daunting, and we get that! That’s why we’re trying to bring you the latest office insights and resources to make your job that little bit easier.

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