How Much Space Do I Need?

Starting the process of searching for a new space with an eye to future expansion, and not quite sure what size of office to look for?

This is a question we get frequently asked and one which is difficult to answer due to the fact that every business is unique in terms of working styles, the requirements of your people and the journey you’re on.

However, we thought it might be of some help to share some of our knowledge in this area with some approximate square footage for areas that you will need to consider including in your office space as well as sharing some layout examples that we’ve created over the years. A few factors to consider before we get started….

What is the working style of your company – Traditional or Agile?
Or another way of thinking about it – what would your preferred working style be?

What do we mean by ‘Traditional’?

In simple terms – every employee has a set desk in the office with some choice of meeting, breakout and collaboration spaces.

What do we mean by ‘Agile’?

In simple terms – a more flexible working environment which gives employees a greater variety of working areas based on the task they are completing at any given time but don’t generally have a set desk in the office. An agile working environment usually gives a more efficient use of space than a traditional layout with less dedicated desks.

Let’s take a look at a Traditional layout and an Agile layout, designed into exactly the same size of space.

Download the full resource to learn more about choosing the right space for your business.


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