What is an agile workspace and how could it benefit your organisation?

Benefits Of An Agile Workspace

Before you start breaking down those old cubicle walls, it’s important you understand what an agile workspace is and the benefits it can bring your business.

There’s certainly no shortage of buzzwords in business. Unlike many of the empty terms you’ll hear on a daily basis, agile working, which is enabled by an agile workspace, is something that can really benefit your team.

The rise of the agile workspace has been nothing less than meteoric over the last few years. With working from home becoming the norm during the Covid-19 pandemic, and continuing to grow as a preferred working style post-pandemic, the workplace as it was is no longer relevant.

Current workplaces have been underutilised and employees prefer a more flexible working choice now. The agile workspace takes the traditional working style and combines it with the requirement for staff to work across a number of locations, making the most use of the space in the most effective way possible and provide staff the opportunities to work in a way that best suits them.

What is an agile workspace?

Agile working is based on the concept that work is an activity we do, rather than a place we go. An agile workspace enables employees to perform that activity more effectively by using the available space in a more efficient way. It typically tears up the old assigned seating model in favour of an open floor plan. This incorporates collaborative areas as well private spaces that allow employees to work independently.


As its core, an agile workspace gives workers more flexibility and control of their space. It lets them adapt their environment and facilities quickly and easily, enhancing their professional autonomy and even boosting staff wellbeing. In a post-pandemic world, an agile workspace maximises space utilisation while allowing for staff to work across multiple locations.

Benefits of an agile workspace:

Productivity ⟶

An agile workspace accommodates a diverse range of learning and working styles to maximise your employees’ potential. Enabling employees to work how and where they want has been proven to boost output and efficiency.

Creativity ⟶

Agile workspaces empower your employees to work in a way that suits them. It gives them the freedom to brainstorm and work collaboratively or develop innovative ideas on their own.

Collaboration ⟶

An agile workspace allows individuals and teams to work more closely with one another, improving cross-collaboration on tasks, encouraging communication and helping to build trust across the team.

Attraction and retention of talent ⟶

Transforming your office into an agile workspace can help to attract new talent, particularly younger workers, and improve the retention of your team.

Research by Mindspace has found that UK workers are becoming increasingly bored with their workspace. 28 percent say their workspace is ‘outdated and dull’; 21 percent have rejected a potential employer due to poor office design. 34 percent would be willing to commute for up to an hour each way for an office that suits their requirements.

Time for a change:

If you’d like to transform your office into a more collaborative, creative and flexible space, our office planning and design team can help. Take a look at the agile workspaces we’ve created for Ulster Carpets and IQ-EQ Belfast and get in touch with our team today.


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