5 ways to boost the wellbeing of yourself & your colleagues

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing is quickly becoming just as important at work as it is in our daily lives.

With a large portion of our adulthood being spend in the office, it is vital to recognise the impact that it is having on our mental and physical wellbeing as well as the steps we must take to ensure we stay as healthy, happy and engaged people.

Here are five simple steps that can be taken at work to help improve your wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of others around you.

1. Connect

By nature, we as human beings are inherently social. Feeling valued and having meaningful relationships with those around us is directly related to our wellbeing and has been proven to improve communication, clarity, culture, and most of all, levels of engagement across a business.

Here are a few ideas on how to stay connected at work:

  • Call or talk to someone rather than emailing or texting them
  • Talk to colleagues about their interests outside of work
  • Hang out with colleagues at lunch time

2. Be active

Physical activity has been proven to look after both our physical and mental health.  It may be difficult to find time during a busy day to exercise, however time should be given for even a little exercise to refresh and revitalise your mind.

Here are some ideas of how to be active at work

  • Go for a brisk walk at lunch time
  • Start a fitness programme with colleagues
  • Walk or cycle to work

3. Take notice

Working from the same space day in day out can become very monotonous. We rarely take time to appreciate the present moment and what is happening around us. Being aware of our experiences can help us appreciate what matters to us and enhance our sense of wellbeing.

Here are some ideas to help you be more mindful at work

  • Declutter your workspace
  • Take a break away from the desk
  • Do one thing at a time

4. Keep Learning

Learning is not just about formal education, but rather seeing opportunities and exploring new ideas. Learning can help you to feel motivated and engaged as well as increase your range of skills and knowledge.

Here are some of our tips

  • Research something you’ve always wanted to learn
  • Learn an instrument or language
  • Find out about a colleagues hobbies or interests outside of work

5. Give

Helping others and conveying kindness will undoubtedly make you a happier person than someone who does not. A simple compliment or expression of gratitude will increase your wellbeing as well as those who you support.

Here are some ideas of how you can help others

  • Compliment someone
  • Help a colleague with their work
  • Get involved with charity

The five ways to wellbeing are a collection of key activities that have been researched and proven to bring about greater happiness both at work and in personal life outside of the office. We recommend that you chose one of the five ‘ways’ and focus on integrating this more into your day. As you develop, you will slowly be able to integrate all 5 for a happier and more productive way of life.


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